Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sue Watters at Flowerpatch

I was so looking forward to the March meeting of Flowerpatch Quilters with Sue Watters giving a Quilt Talk, having seen some of Sue's quilts at the exhibition by Shipton Quilters at Cowslip Workshops in the autumn. The evening did not disappoint! 

Sue brought along as many of her quilts as she could fit into the car and as each was unfolded and displayed they were greeted by the members with smiles, murmurs of approval and even gasps of delight. It was so lovely to be able to inspect each one up close and to ask questions of the maker. Many had been beautifully longarm quilted by Sandy Chandler, amongst others, as Sue much prefers piecing to quilting.

These are some pics of sections of Sue's quilts that I took on the evening.
Most of the fabrics that she uses are subdued in tone

and these two are beautifully delicate in their colouring

As is this one - can you see the way that the fabric has been cut to make the interesting border strip?

This was a prominent feature in Sue's quilts as you can see in this pic

and this is the applique centre of the quilt above

again such careful and thoughtful use of pattern in the fabric with fussy cut petals and centres, etc.

We all really liked the cotton reels / spools - a great design for all those scraps. Each block is just 3" square.

Thank you Sue for a thought provoking and inspiring evening. We will all be looking at fabric through enlightened eyes.

The next meeting is on Thurs 14th April when we will be making a small fabric picture of a harbour. Please bring along your sewing kit (to include a needle and tacking thread, pins and scissors) and also some small scraps of fabric.

And a reminder about the exhibitions at Cowslip Workshops this Easter - not to be missed

 - Anita x

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  1. Thank you for inviting me to a very appreciative audience. It was so nice to meet you all.
    Happy Stitching.