Saturday, 26 March 2016

Small pouch with flap

I do like making small gifts for my friends particularly when they have a special birthday. I really like this Lynette Anderson embroidery design which uses simple stitches to great effect and the little blue bird is delightful.

I have lined the pouch with blue fleecy fabric and my friend is using it for her reading specs.

The method for making up the pouch is very simple and I made another some time ago which I use for my rotary cutter.

This one is lined in cotton fabric and I like the way that it closes with the flap tucked under a ribbon loop.

And here is a bit of a tutorial for making a similar pouch. All the measurements can be changed to suit your own requirements.

You will need:-
Pouch fabric front – 4" x 7"
Pouch fabric back and flap – 4" x 10½"
Lining fleece fabric – 3¾” x 16½” (make this a little longer if you’re not using fleece)
Wadding – 2 pieces slightly larger than the pouch fabric pieces.
A piece of ribbon ¼“ longer than the width of the pouch fabric pieces.

I have made my back from two pieces of fabric so that the apples are always up the right way when the flap is closed - how's about that for forward planning?!!

The fabric pieces are laid on the wadding and quilted, then excess wadding is trimmed off and ¼“ of the top front edge is turned in and pressed.

The ribbon ends are sewn onto the sides of the front approx 1” down from the top edge.

Lay the pouch front and back  right sides together matching up the short bottom edges.

Sew these together along the sides and bottom keeping the top edge of the front still folded.

Fold the fleecy lining fabric right sides together to make a pouch just a tiny bit shorter than the outer fabric one. There is no need to fold the top edge of the front unless you're not using fleece for the lining.

Check the size of the flaps and adjust as necessary so that the lining flap is a tiny bit shorter than the pouch fabric flap.

Put the two flaps right sides together and sew around. 

Trim across the corners for less bulk and turn the right way out. Turn the outer of the pouch right ways out also, and slip the lining inside.

Top stitch across the top front edge of the pouch by hand through the lining and the outer fabric and top stitch around the flap.

This is a link to a page of printer friendly instructions with line drawings.

So much quicker to make than write about I assure you!!
Happy Sewing - Anita x

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