Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Making Donuts!!

Well! I never thought that I would ever be doing Hexagons and English Paper Piecing, but Karen H of Faeries and Fibres has me hooked. I always like to have some hand sewing on the go to keep me awake in the evenings when the TV is on and this fits the bill perfectly!
These are some "donuts" that I have made.

The sides of the paper hexagons I used are 1" making each hexagon 2" across. You can print off some templates with this link to Love Patchwork and Quilting.
I have fussy cut the hexagon fabric to make the patterns and this one is even more exciting as the design is foundation pieced onto the paper hexagon before the six are sewn together.

I have loads more to make for the chair throw that I hope they will become (and a big decision about the centres), but I think I've worked out how I will put them together. I have added small diamonds to the edges turning them into BIG hexagons

And they will fit together like this - hopefully you can see the three diamonds that make the hexagons where the donuts join.

I have had this edging piece of Moda fabric for ages and decided it would be perfect for some fussy cutting

But how to position my paper hexagon templates? My cardboard window template and two small mirrors taped together along an edge came to the rescue and gave me an idea of what they would look like when sewn together, but only an idea as just 5 hexagons appear in the mirrors!
So much choice!!

You can link to Karen H's fantastic tutorials here and a big thank you to Christine for the heads up about "Faeries and Fibres" blog.

Happy Stitching - Anita

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