Saturday, 19 December 2015

Almost too late for Christmas!

I tend to leave decorating the house for Christmas until the the week before and have just come across these little angels that I made a few years ago. It's almost too late to show you, but maybe you still have the time and inclination to do some Christmas sewing!! - as if!!

We all made these at Flowerpatch and they looked so sweet displayed together on a wickerwork tree at our exhibition. This is a link to the Christmas Angel instructions.

I also found a label that I made. 

The Christmas tree and pot are simply sewn onto a piece of fleece fabric with a continuous line of sewing machine stitch starting at the top of the pot and sewing the pot on first. I cut the fleece a bit bigger than I needed and trimmed it to size after sewing on the tree, then I decorated the tree with random bullion knot candles and french knot flames. This is a link to Embroidery Stitches. The fleece is sewn onto a slightly larger square of corrugated cardboard packaging with big stitches and thick thread, starting at the top corner so as to leave a tie at the top. I used these on the presents for my nearest and dearest so that I could blag them back on Christmas day to hang as decorations!!

This "merry christmas" bunting is made in a similar fashion, but with blanket stitched fleecy letters.

............and this is what I wish to you! - Anita x

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