Sunday, 27 December 2015

How many sheds does a man need?

I think the answer to this question is "He can never have too many!!" It seems no sooner has my husband built yet another shed, that it is filled with "man stuff" which threatens to engulf one upon opening the door, although his latest "shed" is OUR summerhouse in which there is still room to sit. 

For this latest project I have made him a small wall hanging which celebrates all of the buildings. It measures 24" x 6".

The buildings measure between 2½" and just 1" high.

This is a photo of the actual lean to and store shed on the left of the hanging

..and next to these is the car port - originally built for a van and now home to our diminutive car.

Then we have the white shed (so called because it had a white door at one time and the name stuck) and the old outside privy.

Next the tin shed (so ugly that I've been willing it to fall down for the past 30 years!) and the house.

Moving on to the hen house (sadly no chickens); the log shed and workshop; and Mabel's shed.

Finally the gazebo and the summerhouse

...and this is a photo of the actual gazebo - how I wish for a hot summer in the coming year so that it's not just somewhere to shelter from the rain!!

All the fabrics for the walls and roofs were stuck to the calico background using Steam-a-Seam 2. This is marvelous because it adheres to the fabric without being ironed. This meant that I could prepare all the different pieces first and temporarily lay them in position, moving them about as necessary, and only ironing for a permanent fix when I was completely satisfied. It's not that easy to hand sew through, but I mostly sewed along the edge as Steam-a-Seam sticks so well it doesn't really need to be held down with stitching. Some of the fabric pieces were tiny and my biggest problem was dropping them on the floor and losing them, only to find them later stuck to the sole of my shoe - after I'd cut a replacement - of course!

I think my husband needs a new hobby!!

Happy New Year - Anita x 

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