Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Small Quilts at Flowerpatch Exhibition

Here are just some of the many smaller quilts at the recent Flowerpatch exhibition. Apologies to the makers as my photos don't do them justice - I try!!

Firstly Sue's "String Tulips" and "Bird Dance" 

Secondly Mary's "Hearts All Round" and Monica D's "Flower Baskets"

Next Joy's ""Gaudi Stained Glass Tryptych" and Wendy's "Double Wedding Ring"

On to Monica D's "Hearts" and Cherrie's "R and R"

And finally two very different takes on our Cornish coast with Lois's cot quilt "Seaside"

and Dawn's two A4 quilts "Winter Waves".

A most interesting part of the exhibition is the varying interpretations of our yearly Chairman's Challenge. This time it was titled "Circle of Life" and had to actually be in the shape of a circle.

Another Flowerpatch year starts on 9th September with a Show and Tell by Lynda Shinner-Booth, who will also be telling us about the charity she supports - Knitted Knockers.
Also we'll be choosing the fabric for our next charity quilt and commenting, and making suggestions, on the design. It's always exciting starting something new!

Happy Sewing - Anita

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