Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Jigsaw Cushion

After the visit by Marilyn Hornby to Flowerpatch in June I learnt that my friends next birthday would be a special one. I loved Marilyn's redwork so what a good opportunity to make one of her Jigsaw Cushions.

I made mine small measuring only approx 8" x 8", and used twisted chain stitch instead of the more usual whipped back stitch. The other embroidery stitches are lazy daisy, danish knot, cross stitch and bullion knot. This is a link to the jigsaw pattern I used.

The words in the jigsaw pieces refer to all the things my friend has been in her life so far. I wrote them with my Micron pen (size 01) as I chickened out of doing such tiny embroidery stitches - it would have been illegible!

A real joy to make - Anita x

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