Friday, 27 February 2015

Simple Strippy Quilt

Most of the time I like to keep things simple and this is one of those sewing projects that you can do at your own pace and make whatever size you like. It's stress free! You may not like my colours - I do rather go for "sludgy", but I hope you can imagine it in your own favourite fabrics.

I bought just 5 fat quarters especially

and added others from past projects and from jumble sales - I do love jumble sales. I chose lots of checks and stripes.

The quilt is made up of strips from top to bottom which are, from left to right, 6" wide, 5" wide, 4" wide ........ repeated across the quilt and ending with a 5" wide strip. I did mean all the patches in the strips to be squares, but changed my mind when I couldn't bear to waste some leftover stripey bits.

Many of the 4" and 5" squares are just one fabric, but all the 6" squares are pieced in some manner.

The 4" blocks are stripes, fourpatch and applique

The 5" are fourpatch, ninepatch, stripes and applique

The 6" are ninepatch, stripes and applique

Putting it all together
I made up all the blocks before I sewed any together so that I could add extra fabrics as and when I liked. How exciting when I laid them all out and tried to get the colours and designs balanced across the quilt. I sewed them into their strips and then sewed the strips together. Hurrah! - no seams to match up! As the quilt is a large double bed size, I actually made it up in two halves, put these in their layers with the wadding and backing, and sewed them together after quilting. I quilted by machine along the seams of the strips down the length of the quilt, and by hand between these quilting lines.

Flowerpatch Group Quilt
Flowerpatch Quilters made a quilt in a similar design to raise money for Shelterbox.

I have written a printer-friendly one page PDF with suggestions, if you'd like to design your own similar Strippy Quilt. 
This is the link:

Design a Simple Strippy Quilt

Happy Sewing - Anita


  1. Hello Anita. I noticed you have signed up as a follower on my blog and so I am checking you out. What a great scrap quilt and thank you for the link.

    1. Hello Shirley, I have been reading your blog on and off since you wrote about a visit to Flowerpatch exhibition. I love it - always something unexpected and the "Bubbles" are great! - Anita