Friday, 6 March 2015

Simple Blocks Cushion

More simple blocks similar to those in the Strippy Quilt in my last blog post, but this time put together in a much more orderly way. I have made nine blocks each measuring 4" square (+ the seam allowance) and with a 1" border they are just the right size for my cushion.

The three types of pieced blocks are:

                              FOURPATCH           STRIPES        and COURTHOUSE STEPS

I sewed my blocks by machine, then trimmed them to size (4.5") before sewing them together. I made up my quilting sandwich of the blocks, wadding and cheap cotton fabric, and didn't sew on the 1" border (1.5" with the seam allowance) until I had done all the quilting and neatened the edge with zigzag. I think this makes it easier when you come to make up the cushion.
I quilted by machine and chose a leaf design, as the colours looked vaguely autumnal, as well as quilting around each block. I made up the cushion using the same fabric on the back as the small checked green border fabric.

I have written a one page printer-friendly PDF if you would like some instructions on how to make up the blocks by hand or by machine, and have included some tips that you may find helpful.

This is the link

Sew happy - Anita

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