Sunday, 2 September 2018

Flowerpatch Quilters Exhibition 2018

These are some of the beautiful and varied quilts in Flowerpatch Quilters recent exhibition. I only wish that I could show you more, but there were so many entries this year that it made taking good photos difficult. These are simply the photos that turned out OKish.

Starting with a few smaller items:

All at Sea - a cushion by Iris L

and Iris's Little Houses

Another cushion - this is Tina's Round my Garden - I Wish!

Dawn was really inspired by the Twinchies we made at Christmas and these are:
2018 - Year of the Twinchies

and Songs of the Seventies

I hope you can see this well enough to have a go at naming them!

Getting a bit larger with two wall quilts by Teresa:
British Seaside

and Chateau Hexagon

This latter is a Lynette Anderson pattern and the embroidery is exquisite.

This is a primitive style wool quilt by Sue M. called Two Birds in the Garden

And in total contrast Homage to Escher by Iris M.

Pauline C. and Toni collaborated on this next wall quilt - it is called Here we Go Around the Round House and it is inspired by a Charles Causley poem.

Continuing with a local theme we have Liz B's Cornwall

These next two were originally made for an exhibition called Through the Window which was at Cowslip Workshops last year

Pippa made Sunrise Over the Misty Tamar Valley

and Dy, Lois, Melody, Karen, Annie and Monica D combined their efforts to make this delightful garden scene. It represents the garden of Windmill Patchworks where the idea for Flowerpatch Quilters was born.

These next four quilts are full of interest - I would never tire looking at them.

Firstly Karen's Shades of India

Jane's Summer Circus

Chris G's Heart of the Home

and Elizabeth S's Summer in a Quilt

The applique/embroidery blocks in this quilt are so cute

Gradually getting a bit larger now - this is Iris L's Green Daisies

Melody's wool applique quilt Beauty All Round

Pauline C's Wedding by the Sea

and Liz B's door curtain My House

It was impossible to get far enough away to do the larger quilts justice with my camera so this is just a small taste of what was on offer:

Margaret had a flying geese year with her two very different quilts

Jennifer's Guy's Compass Quilt was very large and intricately pieced

and this is Jo C's Scandinavian Ice Flowers

Of course one of the large quilts was our charity quilt Over the Rainbow and we were all so pleased that it was won by Ellen, one of our members.

I've written about this quilt in a previous post. It was beautifully quilted with a hand-guided daisy pattern by Sandy Chandler.

Below was probably the most unusual item in the exhibition - Annie made this headboard for her brother who is an avid Alice Cooper fan!! It certainly surprised a few visitors.

Finally I want to say a big "thank you" to Maggie, Janet and Jane for their wonderful flower arrangements that complimented the quilts so well. These are just a few of them.

Another Flowerpatch year starts on 13th September when we will have a mini workshop on reverse applique. Please bring along a sewing kit to include sharp scissors and a Frixion pen or sharp pencil.

Happy stitching - Anita x

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