Monday, 30 January 2017

Bramley's Seedling Apple

I have been really enjoying myself - playing with printing and stitching, after the workshop with Louise Nichols a few months ago.
This is my second attempt at embellished lino printing and what better subject to choose than the wonderful and versatile Bramley's Seedling apple. 

I used ordinary "system 3" acrylic paint mixed with Daler block printing medium so I had a wealth of choice colour-wise and each print tended to be a slightly different colour. These are examples of the lino prints in 3 colours.

and the resulting apples, which were printed in similar colours, after they had been embellished with fabric and stitch.

I put thin wadding on the back of each apple before I started stitching (by machine and hand) and then backed with more wadding after I had sewn them all together with the sashing and border. I actually included a little extra wadding behind the individual apples. 

I hope you can see some of the very simple stitches that I used - mostly straight stitch, french knots, cross stitch and couching.

I used Steam a Seam 2 to apply any fabric pieces. Each apple print measures approx 3½" x 5" and my finished wall hanging measures approx 9" x 18".

It is over 200 years since the original Bramley tree was grown from a pip, but sadly now it seems that the tree is dying. You can read all about the apple on the Bramley Apples website.

Happy stitching - Anita x

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