Saturday, 29 October 2016

Christmas Circles

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Well I'm really getting ahead of myself this year!! Most years I sew a little something to add to my collection of homemade Christmas decorations, but this is usually a last minute affair when there's less than a week to go!

I've recently seen two lovely tree decorations that take my fancy especially as they both involve a folded circle and I have tried them out already - Angels and Squares

I used a circle 4" across to make mine but this does make the squares a bit teeny at only 2", so possibly a 5" or 6" circle would be better (depending what you have handy to draw around).

I cut two contrasting squares of fabric ½" larger than my circle (the corners of the square give you something to hang onto while you're sewing) and marked one of them on the back using my circle template - a small bowl. When you mark fabric with a pen or pencil it's helpful to lay it on a piece of fine sandpaper to stop it moving about.

I put the two fabrics right sides together and sewed by machine on the marked line, starting and stopping with a back stitch to secure, and leaving a gap through which to turn the circle the right way out. Curves like this are easier to sew if you use a small length stitch.

I trimmed off the excess at the corners and turned the circle the right way out, giving it a bit of a press. Then sewed up the opening.

With the circle you can make either an Angel with this link from Selimut-ku
(For my angel's wings I used a heart cut from cheap 2oz polyester wadding which I had ironed between two sheets of paper to make it stiff and thin)

or a folded decoration with this link from Katrina's Tutorials - do have a look, Katrina's are so pretty.

Both of these are really quick and simple to make and might be ideal for Christmas craft stall sales. 
Happy Sewing - Anita x

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