Friday, 19 October 2018

Rainbow and Chinese Whispers at Flowerpatch

As expected our October meeting at Flowerpatch Quilters was a very busy one. It gives me yet another opportunity to show you our 'Over the Rainbow' quilt which was made to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We were thrilled to be able to give a cheque for £2600 to Trudy Sherwood as a representative of the charity. Trudy gave a delightful talk about the charity and her own experiences with her beautiful dog, Connie.

The raffle for a Quillow was drawn and this was won by Liz B. The Quillow was made from left over blocks from the main quilt and every person who made a block was entered in the draw.
The cushion cover

and the quilt inside

This meeting was our AGM, but business was soon dealt with and we had lots of time to browse the lovely fabric and quilting sundries that Painter's Crafts had brought along to tempt us ........ and I succumbed of course!!

At our exhibition in August we displayed our 'Chinese Whispers' quilts and these were shown for the last time at this evening meeting. Bear with me while I try to explain what these are for those who don't know. It all begins with a photograph, chosen by one member and handed to another who uses it to inspire the making of a small wall quilt - ours were approx A4 size. This first little quilt is handed to another member who uses it as inspiration for their own wall quilt - they don't get to see the photo. They pass their quilt to yet another member who again uses it as inspiration for their quilt piece. This carries on for as many times as you wish with each person only ever seeing the wall quilt before their own.

We did two sets starting with two different photos. How exciting when the results were revealed, but also how puzzling as the designs seemed to go full circle!!??

Below is set no.1, starting with the photo.
and the first wall quilt by Liz B
followed by Iris L then Anne W
Next Anita then Pippa
and the final two by Ruth then Monica B
So how did those beautiful flowers in the first quilt change to the rugged Cornish coast and back to flowers again??

This is set no.2 - the photo
and the first wall quilt by Christine T

The second quilt by Jane, then by Dawn
Next Dy and then Annie
and the final two by Lois and then Sue S
We had quite a change in the season in the middle there, but soon came back to the sunny coast!
I think this must mean that many of us belonging to Flowerpatch Quilters are like-minded and on the same wavelength!

There was just time left for the Flowerpatch committee to do a bit of a Show and Tell. Many had brought along their very early quilts to show, some dating back over 20 years.

During the meeting packs were handed out for making next year's charity quilt and the charity was chosen as the new air ambulance for Cornwall.

Our next meeting is on the 8th November 2018

Happy Stitching - Anita x

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