Friday, 30 March 2018

Stitched lino prints - Birds

I always like to have some hand sewing to do in the evenings - it stops me falling asleep in front of the TV! When I was lino printing these birds on cards for Christmas, I also did some on fabric for stitching at a later date. They are so relaxing and stress-free to do and yet never boring.

This small hanging is just 6 ½" x 13".

I sewed one of the lino prints to the back of the quilt.

After sewing on the binding I remembered a tip about sewing triangles into the corners for a hanging rod. Of course these should have been sewn in with the binding and hopefully I'll get it right next time. Nevertheless I went ahead and sewed them on anyway.

I cut two 2" squares and folded them into triangles. I would have cut larger squares for a larger quilt.

I placed them in the top corners, tacked them down and sewed the binding over the raw edges making sure that the stitches went through the triangles and  caught the backing. 

I'm chuffed with that - it makes a really neat finish. I would have used the same fabric as my backing, but I wanted you to be able to see my triangles. Triangles can also be sewn into the bottom corners for another rod to keep the bottom of a wall quilt nice and straight.

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Happy Stitching
Anita x

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