Thursday, 10 August 2017

From Photo to Textile

A recent exhibition by a Cornish embroidery group called "Textile +", inspired Dawn, Annie and myself to make small wall hangings from photographs. I thought that I would share them with you as the process was such fun and the results very interesting - especially to us!! They were on display at the Flowerpatch exhibition last week.

We each had to choose a photograph from which to make our textile hanging and then hand the photo to the other two for them to do the same. We didn't let each other view our finished works until they were all done - nor did we discuss what we might be going to embroider, etc.

These are the results:
My photo is a fence post on the cliff top,

Dawn's photo is a field of bales

and Annie's photo is a door with peeling paint

All the wall hangings are small - A5 size

I hope that by sharing these I may inspire you to do something similar with your friends and finally use those photos that have been filed away for future reference! I was so pleased to do something at last with my photo of the post and rusty barbed wire, which I took some years ago at Hartland Quay.

Happy Sewing
Anita x

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