Friday, 14 July 2017

2 Sashiko Bags

Inspired by the Sashiko embroidery that I saw at Exeter in the Spring I decided that this was something I really had to try. I practised with some patterns in Susan Briscoe's "Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook" starting with the easiest even though I was dying to jump straight in with the more exciting designs. I think it paid dividends as my stitching gradually improved, especially when a dear friend gave me some proper Sashiko thread. I had been using crochet cotton which has too much twist and knotted frequently.

With my last two attempts I have made this bag which I'm delighted with and I must thank Di Wells as I have copied the style of her bag which I saw recently. She has patterns for sale on Craftsy.

I have a sashiko design on each side - hemp leaf and cross tortoiseshell. The lighter blue fabric is recycled denim.

My bag is a simple zipper pouch with the addition of a loop set into each side seam for the handles to go through. It has no internal pockets and has a "boxy bottom". I didn't use any wadding or quilt the outside of the bag, which makes it soft and slouchy. I've just realised ... I was so excited to finish it that I immediately filled it with purse, keys, etc. and I've forgotten to sew up the opening in the lining!! The lining is a cheerful gingham and the bag measures approximately 8½ " wide x 9½ " high.

I have come to the conclusion that the two most important things to try and get right when doing Sashiko embroidery are drawing an accurate grid, and leaving gaps in the stitching at sewing line intersections.

...... still lots of room for improvement!!

Of course I didn't want to waste my other Sashiko samples so I made them into a bag as well. I chose to stitch on velvet - not my best idea, but it already had a check pattern so I couldn't resist. The blue fabric is the backs of legs of some worn out denim jeans.

This bag has two large, handy, zipped pockets in the lining which is also brown velvet. It measures 12" wide by 14" high.

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Happy Stitching - Anita x


  1. Great bags, and so useful now that we're recommended to leave plastic bags.

  2. Your stitching is stunning!


  3. I have always admired Sashiko, maybe it's time to try it. Lovely projects.

  4. Both bags are great! I love the look of Sashiko also!

  5. love your stitching!! Great idea to make bags so you can regularly enjoy your your work :-)

    happy stitching ~ Tracy