Friday, 24 February 2017

Jug of Flowers - lino printing

My latest embellished lino printing project - a jug of flowers ......... or rather, 3 jugs as they look so good together.

Every print turned out a slightly different colour using system 3 acrylics mixed with the block printing medium. I've printed on to calico.

This is what one of the blue prints looked like after backing with thin wadding and machine quilting with grey cotton. I quilted just outside the blue of each petal to give them a cream border. Next to it is the finished picture after using Steam-a-Seam 2 to apply fabric to each petal, centre, leaf and a strip across the jug; and embellishing by hand.

The green jug is sprinkled with red lazy daisy flowers

And the flowers in the pink jug have red tips and centres which really makes them stand out.

I bordered each print with two similar colours and mitred corners, hoping that this would make them look slightly recessed, and finished with a wider border in a similar neutral colour.

Each print measures just 4" x 6" and the hanging measures 16" x 9".
I can't quite believe how enjoyable this is to do!

Happy Sewing - Anita x