Friday, 12 August 2016

Little Harbours at Flowerpatch Exhibition

Yet another absolutely super exhibition by Flowerpatch Quilters recently and I just have to show you some of the lovely quilts, wall hangings, cushions, .... etc.

Firstly the smallest wall hangings, all 26 of them!, which are our Little Harbours. These are A5 size (approx 6" x 8"). We started making them at our April meeting and there is a bit of a tutorial here, and also a printer friendly instruction sheet.

Everyone has added their own ideas such as sheep in the fields, lovely fabrics for sea and sky, tiny white buttons with red thread for the lifebelts, a night scene with lighted windows, etc.

And these final two by Chrissie, the same A5 size, show how the idea can be taken and used for all kinds of scenes - gorgeous!
Some of us were so excited by how our efforts turned out that we made more than one, and someone even made six!! ............. me, of course - they looked soooo... cute I couldn't stop!

More about the exhibition next time - Anita x

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