Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Charles Causley Festival

This past weekend in Launceston, Cornwall, has been packed full of events for the Charles Causley Festival. A celebration, in music, art, poetry and fun, of the poet who was born and lived all his life in the town.

Flowerpatch Quilters played a small part in the proceedings by making an "artwork" of quilts which hung in the library for the run up to the Festival, and then in St Mary's church over the weekend. 

We chose the poem "I am the Song" with nine members each choosing a line to interpret in their own individual style.

From left to right we have the poem printed on fabric, and then:

  • .. the song that sings the bird
  • .. the leaf that grows the land
  • .. the tide that moves the moon
  • .. the stream that halts the sand
  • .. the cloud that drives the storm
  • .. the earth that lights the sun
  • .. the fire that strikes the stone
  • .. the clay that shapes the hand
  • .. the word that speaks the man
We called our work "I am the thread that sews the needle" and each small quilt is approximately A4 size. They were made by Christine, Ellen, Dawn, Joy, Annie, Sue M, Monica B, Anita and Dy.

How amazingly diverse they are and yet they still look brilliant together.

Whatever will be next!!???
Anita x

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