Thursday, 19 November 2015

Miniature Row Quilts

At Flowerpatch Quilters last year we made Miniature Row Quilts. We sewed one row each month starting in April 2014 and were given instructions each time, ending up with a quilt approx A4 size. Each row is just 6" long! These little dears are the result:

Dawn's and Jane's

Karen's and Dy's

Liz's and Anita's

Mary's and Melody's

...and Joy's

These were the instructions that we were given:

Add seam allowance to all sizes
6” x 2” Appliqué     
Three  2”x 2” pieced blocks joined to make 6” x 2”
6” x 1 ½ “ – repeat pattern across the width
6” x 1 ½ “ – Appliqué on a pieced background
6” x 1” Use 5, and only 5, different fabrics one of which               
you haven’t already used in your row quilt  
6” x 1” – At least one circle and one pieced curve                           
6” x ½ “ – Any design of your own choice                                         
Sew your rows together, adding a ½ “ spacer row here and there if you like. Sew on a 1” border and finish with ¼ “ binding.

Our friends from Launceston Patchworkers and Quilters in Tasmania also did the miniatures and these are their sweet quilts:

Diane's and Marie's

Kay's and Diane's

This is a link to the instructions if you'd like to print them off: miniature row quilts

How I love a challenge that gets me out of my comfort zone!! - Anita x

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