Thursday, 13 August 2015

"Our House" at Flowerpatch Quilters Exhibition

Measured in chatter, laughter and friendly faces Flowerpatch Quilters exhibition was a resounding success, enjoyed by not only the visitors, but members as well. The exhibition is on two floors and upstairs we usually have a themed room where we can show quilts, etc. in a different way. This year's theme was "Our House" so let me take you on a tour.

We enter by the back door straight into the kitchen ......... hungry anyone?

On to our cosy living room where you can enjoy reading a patchwork book in your favourite armchair.

Next to the nursery and the bedroom

And finally the bathroom ..... I just love the polyester wadding soap suds in the bath!

With members sewing at tables and fabric for sale, it all made for a lovely atmosphere and it was a joy to be there.

Lots more exhibition pictures next time - Anita x

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