Sunday, 19 July 2015

Woodland Butterflies & Flowers

Applique on patchwork piecing - the best of both worlds - indulging in two passions in the same wall quilt. These two are called "Woodland Butterflies" and "Woodland Flowers" and they measure approx 16" x 19".

In both quilts I've tried to divide my background fabrics into light and dark so that the centre is a bit like a patch of sunlight in the woods.

The background block for the "Butterflies" is

and for the "Flowers"

In both wall quilts the blocks are turned as I sewed them together across the rows.

The applique is done by machine as in my previous blog Freezer Paper Applique - Jugs and this is the link to the printer-friendly instructions
freezer paper applique

I have lots of butterflies in my garden this summer and the Big Butterfly Count 2015 has just started if you're interested in spotting butterflies for 15 mins.
After all we shouldn't sew all the time .......should we??!! - Anita

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