Monday, 4 May 2015

Cute Sheep Cushion

Occasionally I see a really cute design in a book or online and I just have to use it and make something. I'm no good at drawing "cute" myself!
I saw this sheep gamboling around a cot quilt in a book by Carolyn Vagts - "Quilted gifts from your scraps and stash".The quilt also used stripey pink fabric and I can't resist stripes.

The sheep and the hearts are appliqued in fleecy fabric.

I made it for a little girl called Ruby who is almost 2 years old, and likes nothing better than helping her grandparents in the lambing shed.

This is a link to a one page, printer-friendly instruction sheet on how I make up a basic cushion cover.
Making up a cushion

Feeling a bit sheepish - Anita X

PS. More "cute" and more "stripes" - the PG tips monkey loves my cat (knitted from a Sue Stratford pattern).

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